Event Organised



Our aim was to create a dynamic platform that facilitates interactions between industries, paving the way for mutually beneficial partnerships and fostering industrial growth.



Identified key industries and stakeholders to invite for the event, ensuring diversity and relevance.


Curated a compelling agenda with engaging panel discussions, presentations, and networking sessions.


Leveraged technology for seamless event management, registration, and participant engagement.


Encouraged active participation through Q&A sessions and interactive workshops.


Promoted the event through targeted marketing campaigns to attract industry leaders and professionals.


● The Industrial Linkage Cell Event witnessed remarkable participation from prominent industries and thought leaders.

● Engaging panel discussions and presentations sparked valuable conversations and insights.

● Networking sessions created opportunities for meaningful collaborations and business partnerships.

● Participants praised the event's organization and its impact on fostering industrial growth.

● The event's success has set the foundation for future editions to continue strengthening industry connections.


● Industry leaders and professionals connected with potential collaborators, exploring new opportunities.

● Several successful collaborations and partnerships were initiated during the event.

● Positive feedback from attendees highlighted the event's value in fostering industrial linkages.

● Increased visibility and recognition for our agency as a key player in facilitating industry interactions.

● The event's success has elevated the significance of such initiatives in driving industrial development and innovation.