Social Media Maintenance



Our objective is to provide top-notch social media maintenance services to celebrities, enabling them to build a strong and engaging online presence, connect with their fans on a deeper level, and expand their influence globally.



In-depth Brand Analysis


Content Curation


Platform Optimization


Real-time Monitoring


Data-driven Insights


At Asthra Digitech, we elevate celebrities' online personas through expert social media maintenance. Our tailored content calendars and data-driven strategies foster genuine connections, driving engagement and amplifying reach. Trust us to safeguard your reputation and cultivate a thriving virtual community.


● Boosted social media engagement by 45%, fostering a loyal and active fan base.

● Increased followers by 25% within the first quarter of collaboration.

● Achieved a 30% growth in organic reach through targeted content strategies.

● Effectively managed online reputation, resolving potential controversies with professionalism and tact.

● Successfully positioned celebrities as thought leaders, amplifying their influence and relevance on social media platforms.